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"the Logo

The circle symbolizes perfection, and man's eternal quest to attain it. The line interrupting the circle (formed by the tip of the mountain) is a reminder of the need for modesty, as perfection is not human.

Air, the sun (dark orange) symbolizes oxygen, light and cheerfulness.

The white mountain symbolizes the earth, purity (and honesty), clarity (in decisions and commitments) and solidarity.

Blue water symbolizes flexibility, calm, hope and adaptation.

The idea here is that without light, earth or water, there can be no life: the elements give us life, and to live we must respect nature. At the same time, the notion of mutual respect is the basis of life in society.

Hiroo Mochizuki
Born on March 21, 1936 in Shizuoka, Japan, Hiroo Mochizuki is the son of Minoru Mochizuki, a direct pupil of Jigoro Kano and Morihei Ueshiba. Mochizuki's son, a judoka and aikidoka, taught these disciplines in France, where he was the first karate expert. Today, he is the highest-ranking Frenchman in his discipline, with a 10th dan. Based on his encyclopedic knowledge of the martial arts, he founded yoseikan budo in the late 1960s, and set up the French federation in 1975. A state-qualified teacher, Jeunesse et Sport gold medallist and FFKDA federal expert, he holds the following ranks: 10th dan in karate, 8th dan in aikido, 8th dan in jujutsu, 7th dan in iaido, 3rd dan in judo. A French martial arts legend, born in Japan.




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attach the pdf documents below in the same e-mail.

teachers to join in pdf, ( your grades + your diplomas + status of the club )

After validation, register your club on: https://ecole-mochizuki.online/index.php

Supporting your club in its day-to-day operations and development is a priority: we will take advantage of our meetings and organize surveys to help the School evolve and better meet your needs.

We want to go even further, by recreating links between clubs and sharing ideas between teachers to enrich each other.

We've organized ourselves as a non-profit association (under the French law of 1901) to limit our costs and optimize our collaborative approach: membership fees will be used to develop new products and content for our community, as well as to train and involve tomorrow's managers.

Yoseikan Aiki Technical Program (from Page 27)

(Adaptations and changes to the Yoseikan Aiki Program to come)


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