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Club Sportif Since 1998

More than 600 students in PACA region

MMA , Grappling , Striking , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ,Yoseikan , Martial Arts , Clubs in France and abroad

Classes resume on September 2

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SUMMER CAMP August 24 to 27

Open to all

Registration Open


Alpha Fight Champion Ship

The MMA Night

Alpha Fight Champion Ship

Victory for the 2 MMA Legacy athletes



=> Victory by knockout in the 1st round



=> Victory by unanimous decision

for the 3 rounds 

French Open
8 fighters = 6 medals ( 4 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze)

 MMA Legacy at the Open de France in Marseille United by passion, eight outstanding fighters braved all obstacles to proudly represent MMA Legacy at the Open de France in Marseille. An epic competition where only excellence reigns, and where medals are the fruit of hard work.

 ⚔️✨  Under the tutelage of Romain, @romain_head_coach_base_hq_int ,our dedicated trainer, every training day was an opportunity to push our limits. From intense physical preparation to meticulous technical training, nothing was left to chance.   But MMA and grappling aren't just about physical strength, they're also a mental battle. Mental preparation has been our secret weapon for coping with adversity, staying focused and giving our best. Beyond the competition, we're a real family. A strong, close-knit team spirit that has enabled us to overcome every obstacle together. Whatever the situation, we know we can count on each other. And diversity is our strength. Men, women, all together, we have proved that our Team has no gender. We have shown the world that equality reigns and that everyone has their place to shine.  ️‍️ And all this took place under the watchful eyes of Jean Marc, @jean_marc_noblot, a privileged witness to our struggle. His presence and unconditional support strengthened our determination and pushed us to give it our all. 

I'm so proud of you, my fellow fighters, my students, for proving that effort, determination and teamwork can lead to extraordinary results.

You are champions, and this victory is yours.  Julien Lemantinos. ✨✨✨✨ #MMA #Legacy #OpenDeFrance #Marseille #Fighters #Medals #Training #MentalPreparation #TeamSpirit #Family #Diversity #Champions #Pride of Pride #mmalegacy @baseheadquarterint @aix_yoseikanbudo #yoseikan @brubushido

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Free MMA Legacy by Venum Tshirt*.

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 Join the LEGACY MMA club and discover your potential as the ultimate fighter!  

Are you ready to push your limits and excel in the art of MMA? LEGACY MMA Club is here to accompany you on your journey to excellence. Whether you're a passionate beginner or an experienced fighter, our team of professional coaches will guide you every step of the way. With programs to suit all levels, you'll be able to develop your technical skills, stamina and self-confidence.

At LEGACY MMA, we're committed to creating a close-knit, passionate community, where every member supports each other in achieving their goals. You'll meet like-minded people ready to encourage and inspire you as you progress. In addition to intense training sessions, we also organize special events such as friendly competitions, seminars with renowned experts and individual coaching sessions. You'll have the chance to test yourself against other fighters, learn from the best and push your limits.

Join us now and become an MMA legend! Join LEGACY MMA Club and discover your inner fighter.  #MMALEGACY #ClubMMA #CombattantUltime #mmalegacy #mma #grapling #bjjlifestyle #striking #aixenprovence #DépassementDeSoi #CommunautéPassionnée #EntraînementIntense #SéminairesExperts #devenirunelegende


Would you like to take a trial class? 0678242301 or directly on the website.

Photo art of the first female MMA Legacy fighter in Aix en Provence, Ornella Vivaldi.

Women's MMA is a growing discipline at MMA Legacy in Aix-en-Provence. The club also offers classes for women who want to practice MMA. These classes are suitable for all levels, whether you're a beginner or an experienced fighter. You can learn striking, grappling and ground fighting techniques, while developing your physical fitness and self-confidence.

Join the Legacy MMA club in Aix-en-Provence and discover the pleasure and benefits of women's MMA!

By practicing MMA as a female at the MMA Legacy club in Aix-en-Provence, you will develop the following skills:

1. Striking technique: It's essential to learn the different striking techniques, such as punches, kicks, knees and elbows. This will enable you to strike with precision, power and speed.

2. Grappling: Grappling is an important skill in MMA, as it involves ground fighting, submission and defense techniques. It's important to master holds, joint locks and chokes to be able to control and submit your opponent.

3. Physical fitness: MMA is a demanding sport that requires good physical fitness. We recommend working on your endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and explosiveness. This will enable you to maintain a steady pace during fights and resist fatigue.

4. Mentality and strategy: MMA is also a sport that requires a good mentality and tactical strategy. It's important to be focused, persevering and have good stress management. It's also important to develop a fighting strategy suited to your style and skills.

5. Respect and fair play: Finally, it's crucial to adopt a respectful attitude towards your opponents, your coaches and the rules of MMA. Fair play is an important value in this sport, and it's essential to embody it in your fights and training sessions. By developing these skills, you'll be ready to practice women's MMA at the MMA Legacy club in Aix-en-Provence and progress in this exciting discipline.

Club sponsored by VENUM

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Mandatory For Sparrings

En Provence (13)
Planning Hebdo : Children / Teens / Adults

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Sakurakai Yoseikan Aiki

steenweg op Zevendonk 18
2300 Turnhout


MMA Legacy / Yoseikan Aiki Mexico

José Guillermo Acosta Rivera
josefina Prior 17,Chimalistac
0107O Alvaro Obregon

Costa Rica

In Progress

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Our Objectives ,
Continue to Train New Talents.
Remain the Largest Federal Club in France.
Always Raise Our Level of Technical Quality.
Preserve Our Ethics and Our Line of Conduct.
Become The Regional Reference of MMA

Jiu Jitsu Brésilien


Leisure or Competition

Head Coach MMA Legacy

Lemantinos Julien

️ Portrait MMA Legacy:

  Hey friends! Ready for a dose of adrenaline and passion? Today I'd like to introduce you to the Head Coach of MMA Legacy, mixed martial arts! FMMAF graduate 

an exceptional coach! His nickname "Kakashi" With years of experience and incredible expertise, he guides fighters to excellence and pushes them to their limits. His know-how is a true source of inspiration for all enthusiasts of this extreme sport.  Whether you're a beginner or a professional, the Legacy MMA Head Coach will guide you along the path to success. He'll teach you the most advanced techniques, refine your physical condition and help you develop a champion's mentality. With him, every training session is an opportunity to push back your limits and surpass yourself.


 But the MMA Legacy Head Coach isn't just a trainer. He's also a mentor, a confidant and an unwavering support for his fighters. He knows how to push them to give their best, and how to help them overcome the obstacles that stand in their way. So if you're looking for inspiration and motivation to achieve your goals in the world of MMA, look no further! The MMA Legacy Head Coach is here to support you on your journey. Join our team and discover the true spirit of MMA. Get ready to push your limits, to surpass yourself and to become the best version of yourself. Follow us and join the MMA Legacy community for an intense and exciting adventure! More club portraits to come! Subscribe now!


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Founder of MMA Legacy

Federal & International Technician
Diplôme Brevet d'Etat / DEJEPS


Mental Preparation Diploma

Sports Coach 


Black Belt

Yoseikan Aiki ( Mochizuki school )

Aikibudo "Renshi( Alain Floquet school )

Grappling ( Thomas Loubersanes)

Brazilian Jujitsu ( B.A.S.E School )

Boxing Thai Boxing (S.Phravixay School)

"Lemantinos Julien", why this Logo for your Club & the name Myrmidons for your Team?

JL - it's a long story, so I'll start at the beginning...

Answer in the Blog 


The Club offers

Martial Arts
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu



Boxing / Striking

cardio Cross-Training

Sports Coach
Mental Trainer


95% of our members come for leisure MMA, boxing, grappling and fitness,

Self-Defense or A Passion for Martial Arts

& also for Quality Club membership.

5% are there for the competition.

Facts and figures : 

69% of Club members are men 

31% of Club members are women 


Once again this year, we are the largest club in our Federation!

and it's no coincidence!





One Club, One Family!

Club courses
M.M.A Legacy
The Club offers classes in M.M.A /Grappling / Striking / Yoseikan / Self-Defense / Boxing
The Club was created in 1998! Over 25 Years of Experience!
State-certified instructors with different specialties and National & International levels.
2-hour classes ! 5 times a week / 1 course per month / International courses
Cardio-Cross-Trainnig - Boxing - Fitness warm-ups
Sophrologist & Osteopath in partnership with the Club
Instructor training, private lessons, 

An Exceptional Club for Exceptional Guests & Courses

Hiro Mochizuki
Workshop November 3 to 5

Hiroo Mochizuki
10th dan karate, 8th dan aikido, 8th dan jujutsu, 7th dan iaido, 3rd dan judo. A French martial arts legend, born in Japan.

Tom Duquesnoy

Course to be confirmed with MMA Legacy

December 2 & 3

Thomas Loubersanes

Multiple Grappling World Champion

will be present on March 24


More Guest will be announced for upcoming Stages!!!!

Intensive but accessible courses!

Up to 5 times a week!

Once a month, we get together for a training course with all the clubs in the region and abroad too, to share and improve our discipline with the best experts in the region or in France. 

(Mixed Martial Arts)


MMA is first and foremost a sporting discipline designed to develop physical and mental potential. As such, it can be practised as a leisure activity through a variety of training courses run by trained and qualified instructors. This is one of the main missions of the FMMAF.

The framework for amateur fights differs from that of professionals (reinforced protection, forbidden techniques and shorter fighting time). The FMMAF develops these two aspects and ensures that the physical integrity of athletes is preserved in competitions under its responsibility.


Developing women's activities, increasing the number of female members and promoting parity between men and women are all part of the FMMAF's remit. 

Within the working groups, a reflection is being carried out on the feminization of the MMA discipline, and a real action plan should see the light of day in the coming months.


As part of the workshops initiated by the FMMAF to build MMA in a collaborative manner, a group of PE teachers was formed. The aim is to meet the needs of the national education system by proposing an educational MMA based on the age and aptitudes of the practitioner, and standardized for teachers. 


The FMMAF is committed to developing MMA as a lifelong activity that promotes physical and mental well-being. Our development plan aims to reduce inequalities and make MMA accessible to as many people as possible.

The technical progression proposed by FMMAF is based on LTAD (Long-Term Athlete Development). LTAD ensures that all participants have the opportunity to reach their potential, whatever their age, thanks to an adapted and progressive methodology. The FMMAF wishes to fully apply the LTAD philosophy "sport is for life" by transposing it to MMA through a healthy and sustainable practice. From childhood to adulthood, each stage of LTAD marks a phase in an individual's physical, psychological or cognitive development.


The acronym MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts.

MMA is a three-dimensional combat sport that combines techniques from numerous martial arts and combat sports (judo, Brazilian jiu jitsu, boxing, karate) to form a singular discipline with its own specificities. A complete sport, MMA incorporates percussion techniques (professional foot, fist, knee and elbow), both standing and on the ground (ground and pound). We also find projection and sweeping techniques, as well as submissions (joint locks, blood chokes).



The two fighters face each other in a ring or enclosed space offering technical possibilities specific to the discipline (cage control). But above all, this space is a protective lock for the athletes: no eviction from the combat area is possible.



An MMA bout can be won by knockout or TKO (Technical KO), submission (choke, joint locks) or by decision (split or unanimous) as decided by the three judges present. Ties are also possible.

 * text from the French MMA Federation


Our Ambition ,
Within the Region and the Federation.

The French MMA Federation (FMMAF) is an internal body of the French Boxing Federation (FFBoxe).

The FMMAF was created by the FFBoxe Board of Directors with the approval of the General Meeting, to ensure the representation, management and coordination of MMA activities, in accordance with the provisions of the Ministerial Order of January 31, 2020 granting the delegation of MMA provided for in Article L. 131-14 of the French Sports Code to the French Boxing Federation and in application of the statutes and regulations of the French Boxing Federation.

FMMAF's remit is as follows:

To develop, promote and control the practice of MMA in mainland France and all its overseas territories;

Organize MMA sports competitions, at the end of which international, national, regional or departmental titles are awarded. Carry out the corresponding selections.

Propose registration on the lists of high-level athletes, coaches, referees and judges, the list of "Espoirs" athletes and the list of training partners.

Bringing together affiliated sports associations and associated sports structures in which MMA is practiced.

To organize, develop, regulate and control the practice, teaching and promotion of MMA for all, within the framework of current legislation and regulations.

To issue regulations governing the legal, administrative and financial conditions that must be met by affiliated sports associations and associated sports structures in order to be eligible to take part in the federal sporting events they organize.

Promote respect for sporting ethics among its members.

To give its members, without discrimination on political, racial, religious or social grounds, the opportunity to practice activities related to its purpose, with the aim of contributing to the harmonious development of the human person, to social integration and to the development of citizenship.

Ensure compliance with the Code of Sports Ethics drawn up by the Comité national olympique et sportif français (C.N.O.S.F.);

Refer to the concepts of sustainable development and the environment in the development of its policies, regulations and management;

Represent: affiliated sports associations; associated sports structures; licensed and/or associated members.

Defend MMA's interests in dealings with public authorities, the courts and other organizations.

To bring together affiliated sports associations and associated sports structures, to seek out and facilitate their creation, to support their efforts, and to coordinate and monitor their activities in accordance with the present internal regulations;

To carry out all research and studies relating to its purpose, to register or acquire all patents, models, trademarks, labels and, more generally, all industrial, commercial or artistic property rights, and to assign, grant or license said rights;

More generally, to implement any activity likely to promote MMA and Martial Arts.

Our teachers are qualified!

French Mixed Martial Arts Federation

Yoseikan "Mochizuki School


French BJJ Federation

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They tested our Martial Arts courses

Sports ethics

MMA Legacy is committed to the government's Code of Sporting Conduct, which concerns us all, whether we're sports fans, professionals or top-level athletes.

INFO Sports Gouv here

Sports ethics covers a wide field:

  • preventing racist and anti-Semitic behaviour;
  • LGBT+ hate prevention;
  • prevention of sexist behaviour and violence against women ;
  • prevention of hazing and all forms of sexual violence in sport;
  • prevention of psychological violence ;
  • preventing discrimination on religious grounds ;
  • crime prevention ;
  • prevention of radicalization ;
  • preventing violence against referees ;
  • dialogue with fans ;
  • prevention of doping and doping-related behaviour ;
  • preventing illegal betting and match-fixing ;
  • financial fair play.

In this field, the Ministry of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games:

  • develops and makes available to all those involved in sport a range of prevention tools (in the form of guides, flyers, posters) to raise their awareness of each of these issues and prevent behaviors that have no place in their field of sport;
  • contributes to the existing conventional, legislative and regulatory framework for these issues;
  • ensures compliance with these frameworks and their implementation;
  • supports associative partners working on these issues, to reinforce awareness-raising actions aimed at sports players.

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